Paratrooper – War over Hack Mod Apk The player controls anti-aircraft vehicle at the bottom of the screen. Military airplanes fly across the game area at varying height dropping paratrooper tanks. Player’s shots may destroy the aircrafts or tanks. Paratrooper may be destroyed by a direct hit, or their parachutes may be shot, in which case they will plummet to earth (exploding if they were sufficiently high when the shot hit).Player earns points by shooting jets (50 points), cargo aircrafts (20 points), and tanks (4 points). Firing once costs the player one point, so if one is playing for score, there is an incentive to conserve ammo. The score never drops below zero.The game ends when the tanks manage to land and shoot the player.If you score more, you get to shoot faster.Player can change the view angle (camera position) and invert Y-axis.Paragon games: Paratrooper (PC, 1982) and Sabotage (Apple II, 1981).”

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